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Here is the Story of a girl

Felicia Day Fans on Livejournal
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For the Fans of Felicia Day

Kathryn Felicia Day (born June 28, 1979 in Huntsville, Alabama) is an American actress, known for her work as "Vi" on TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and for parts in movies such as Bring It On Again and June, as well as the Internet musical Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. She is also the star, script writer and producer of the originally YouTube-based web series The Guild, which won the Greenlight Award for Best Original Digital Series Production at the South by Southwest festivals, the YouTube Video Award for Best Series, the Yahoo! Video Award for Best Series, and 2009 Streamy Awards for Best Comedy Web Series, Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series, and Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series In September 2008, TV Week included her in their list of Top 10 Web Video Creators.
Source: Wikipedia
1. Be polite! No insults, no offenses, no affronts.
2. Stay on topic: Only Felicia and her work.
3. Offenses will be punished.
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